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What ELSA Offers

Work Experience

Our STEP programme offers our members the opportunity to gain paid legal work experience in a foreign country. The unique chance to professionally engage with a foreign legal system helps our members set themselves aside in pursuing their legal careers.

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Specialist Study

All throughout our network, we provide academic courses in collaboration with world-class scholars and legal industry leaders through seminars, conferences, and the international ELSA Law Schools.

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Diplomatic Exposure

ELSA offers its members the chance to represent us at the meetings of the world's largest diplomatic and intergovernmental organisations with which we have observer status. The Delegations experience is an unmatched opportunity for law students and lawyers pursuing careers in the diplomacy.

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Published Work

We run a variety of projects offering law students and lawyers the chance to develop their legal writing skills and have their independent, extracurricular research published through our Legal Research Groups, Law Reviews and Essay Competitions.

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What We Believe In

Our Purpose

To contribute to legal education, to foster mutual understanding and to promote social responsibility of law students and young lawyers.

Our Vision

A just world in which there is respect for human dignity and cultural diversity.

Our Aims

To develop professional and student relations of an international natureĀ in the field of Law, to prepare members for professional life in an international environment, to contribute to the exchange of scholarly experience and to stimulate mutual understanding and friendship on the principle of equality of all its members.

Develop With Us


Challenge your legal skills and become the best in a specific field of law through our Legal Research Groups and Moot Court Competitions! Enrich your CV and show your true potential to your future employers.

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Are you interested in a specific field of law? ELSA Law Schools are a perfect tool to acquire an extra-university legal knowledge on the topic of your interest. Want more? Experience the process of international decision-making in Vienna, Geneva, New York and in more cities via ELSA Delegations!


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Do your practice throughout Europe and work in the best law firms by applying for the Student Trainee Exchange Programme; a promising project for decades.

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