Academic Activities

Academic Activities form one of the pillars of ELSA’s Key Areas. The main objectives of any project falling under this area are:


  • to spread information on current ‘hot’ topics of law;
  • to improve legal education within the network;
  • to provide members with legal skills by means of practical and interactive learning methods.


AA is constantly expanding within the ELSA network and the number of projects included in this Key Area is rapidly increasing. As the aim of this area is to provide members with practical legal skills, examples of projects which fall within this area include essay competitions, legal research groups, and law reviews.

ELSA Ireland’s Projects


Within the ELSA Ireland network, our main focus over the last two years has been on setting up and developing two AA projects:


The ELSA Amicus Essay Competition

This project was first launched as a point initiative of ELSA UK and ELSA Ireland in 2016, as a result of our collaboration with Amicus ALJ, one of our partner organisations. The third edition of the competitions was launched in November 2018. Each year the winner of the competition receives two weeks’ work experience at the London office of Amicus ALJ and the publication of their essay in the Student Comparative and European Law Review. 


The Student Comparative and European Law Review (SCELR)

SCELR is a joint initiative of ELSA United Kingdom and ELSA Ireland which seeks to extol excellent student scholarship and share high-quality articles from students throughout Europe with the wider legal community in the UK, Ireland, and beyond.

The first edition of SCELR was launched in February 2017. Our academic partners for SCELR are the Sheffield Centre for International and European Law and University College Dublin Sutherland School of Law

It is a fantastic opportunity for law students at different stages of their academic career to have their work published.



ELSA’s International Projects


ELSA International’s Academic Activities have recently focused on Legal Research Groups (LRGs), offering members from different backgrounds the opportunity to carry out research on a specified topic of law and to have their findings published.

Recent LRGs have covered the. topics of Environmental Law, Migration Law, Labour Law, Freedom of Expression, Social Rights, Children’s Rights, and International Criminal Law. Read more here.

Contributing to a Legal Research Group as a National Researcher is an incredible opportunity, offering you a chance to cooperate with leading experts in the field of law and produce a published piece of legal writing. Every participant’s contribution is certified by ELSA and the academic partner and the reports are internationally published and distributed within the network.