Call for ELSA Ireland Team


ELSA Ireland is excited to launch our latest call for some enthusiastic law students or young lawyers to join the team!

Do you feel that you have something to offer and would like to be part of something bigger? If so, have a look at the roles below and don’t hesitate to contact us at if you would like to apply or have any questions!



The Treasuer is the board member primarily responsible for the area of financial management. The Treasurer is resposnsibe for working with the rest of the team to create an annual budget for the organisation and for specific projects, as well as liasing with the Treasurer of ELSA International, the Treasuers of ELSA Ireland’s local groups and with externals to process payments and issue invoices and receipts.


Director for Seminars & Conferences

The Director for Seminars & Conferences will be board member primarily responsible for the exciting area of Seminars & Conferences (S&C), which includes looking after the promotion of ELSA Delegations and ELSA Law Schools in the ELSA Ireland network. The Director for S&C will also be responsible for organising events and/or visits to other ELSA groups or institutions, working along with the S&C officers in ELSA Ireland’s local groups.



Call for ELSA Ireland Team