ELSA DCU attained full membership status in 2014, and is based in Dublin City University in Glasnevin.

The current ELSA DCU committee have been working hard this current college year (2015 – 2016) to really make the ELSA name known among students. We have been busy organising many talks and seminars to really engage with the student body here.

So far we have seen:

  • “Internet Law & Cyber Injunctions” with Pauline Walley SC
  • “The Complex Interface between Copyright and the Internet” with Dr Mark Hyland of Bangor University
  • Justice Laffoy and Justice Charleton of the Supreme Court talking about their careers
  • “Criminal Law, and the EU ” with Justice Clarke

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For ELSA Day 2015 in November, we organised a great day of events. We had a breakfast morning for all of our members, and throughout the day we held a photo campaign on the Gender Equality. We asked the staff and students of DCU to tell us what gender equality means to them – and got some fantastic answers! We also had Dr Walt Kilroy giving us a talk on “Gender Roles in Conflict Zones”

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Our most successful talk this year was “The Right to Die” with Tom Curran, partner of the late Marie Fleming, and Gail O’Rorke. They came in to talk to us about the law around assisted suicide in Ireland and the EU, and about their personal experiences while trying to help their loved ones.

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We also organised a great trip to The Hague & Amsterdam in January 2016, for members of ELSA DCU. We visited the International Court of Justice in The Hague. We also managed to take in the sights in Amsterdam – we visited the Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum and even fit in a walking tour!

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We are so proud of our members who were selected to go on ELSA Delegations to both Geneva in 2015, and New York in 2016. They have been very active in engaging with European- and world-wide affairs and have been working hard in the name of ELSA.

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