Legal Research Groups

What is the Legal Research Group?

A Legal Research Group (LRG) is a group of law students and young lawyers carrying out research on a specified topic of law with the aim to make their conclusions publicly accessible. Legal research was one of the main aims of ELSA during our early years. In the 1980s, when ELSA was created as a platform for European cooperation between law students, sharing experience and knowledge was the main purpose of our organisation. In the 1990s, our predecessors made huge strides and built a strong association with a special focus on international exchange. In the 2000s, young students from Western to Eastern Europe were facing immense changes in their legal systems. Our members were part of such giant legal developments such as the EU expansion and the implementation of EU Law. To illustrate, the outcome of the ELSA PINIL (Project on International Criminal Court National Implementation Legislation) has been the largest international criminal law research in Europe. In fact, the final country reports have been used as a basis for establishing new legislation in many European countries.


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