ELSA Ireland is delighted to have the support of a number of a number of law firms, organisations, and institutions that assist us in our goals to contribute to legal education, to foster mutual understanding, and to promote social responsibility of law students and young lawyers.

Eversheds Sutherland - SELS Dublin Partner

Eversheds Sutherland is Ireland’s only full service international law firm providing expert legal services to a predominantly business client base across a broad spectrum of areas. They have partnered with ELSA Ireland for the Summer ELSA Law School Dublin on Corporate and Finance Law since 2016. Their partners and solicitors strive to work in a collaborative partnership with their clients to deliver premium legal advice on time, and within budget through their innovative project management structure which is unique among the legal profession. Eversheds Sutherland offers summer internships and traineeships annually. For more, please visit their website.

Arthur Cox - Amicus Essay Competition Partner

Arthur Cox is a leading Irish commercial law firm, and has partnered with ELSA Ireland on the Amicus Essay Competition since 2019. Arthur Cox's reputation is based on proven professional skills, a thorough understanding of client requirements, sound judgment, and a practical approach to resolving commercial problems. The firm offers breadth and depth across every facet of corporate and business law, and the resources to successfully manage and drive forward transactions on schedule. With over 350 legal staff and a total headcount of over 700, Arthur Cox provides a comprehensive service to an international client base ranging from multinational organisations, banks and financial institutions, and established global leaders, to government agencies and new players in emerging industry sectors.

As part of the firm’s on-going commitment to pro bono work, Arthur Cox is partnered with Amicus, a London-based pro bono organisation that provides legal support to those facing the death penalty in the United States. Arthur Cox is the first Irish law firm to be affiliated with Amicus. Arthur Cox offers summer internships and traineeships annually. For more, please visit their website.

Amicus ALJ

Amicus is a legal non-profit organisation based in London, United Kingdom which helps secure equal access to justice for those facing the death penalty in the United States.

Maynooth University Department of Law - Academic Partner

The Department of Law has supported ELSA Ireland in a range of areas since its establishment. They are the primary partner for the International Negotiation Competition and they were also ELSA Ireland's first STEP partner. The Department of Law are committed to the study of law in a global context. They focus on developing their students in a way which ensures that they will possess skills that transcend national jurisdictions.

The Department has a global focus and interdisciplinary approach to research. They prioritise research that involves collaboration with other institutions, nationally and internationally, and with other disciplinary perspectives. They aim to produce graduates who will not only have the skills and confidence to thrive in the global economy, but who will also be socially engaged and active citizens.

ELSA Ireland would like to thank the Department of Law for its unwavering support since its establishment. Its support has allowed ELSA Ireland to grow to become Ireland's largest intercollegiate society and to host a growing number of international events. In particular we would like to thank Professor Michael Doherty, Head of the Department and  honorary member of ELSA Ireland, for his support

You can read more about the Department of Law here.

Trinity College Dublin School of Law - Academic Partner

Founded in 1740, Trinity School of Law is one of the leading Law Schools in Europe, consistently ranked as one of the top 100 Law Schools in the world. ELSA Ireland is delighted to partner with the Trinity School of Law for the Summer ELSA Law School Dublin on Corporate & Finance Law.

The School publishes one of Ireland's leading peer-reviewed journals, the Dublin University Law Journal, and engages in interdisciplinary scholarship through its membership of the Trinity Long Room Hub and Trinity Research in Social Sciences. The School is home to the Irish Centre for European Law and the Irish Jurisprudence Society.

Trinity's undergraduate degree programmes are distinguished by research-based and research-led curricula, in which all subjects are taught by leading academics expert in those fields. 175 students in each year study for degrees in law, law and business, law and French, law and German, and law and political science.

The Law School's taught masters programmes - with a majority of students from outside Ireland drawn from over 30 countries around the world - provide an opportunity for advanced legal study. In particular, they reflect Dublin's unique position as a centre of global trade and a technology hub. The Law School offers dynamic programmes of postgraduate legal research to over 50 Irish and international students.

For more about Trinity Law School, please visit their website.

UCD Sutherland School of Law - Academic Partner

The Sutherland School of Law was established in 1911. The School's wide range of high quality programmes encourage the development of both a critical understanding of law and the enhancement of legal and interdisciplinary knowledge and skills. ELSA Ireland is proud to have the Sutherland School of Law partner with both ELSA Ireland and ELSA UK for the Student Comparative and European Law Review.

The School works closely with law firms, government departments and NGOs to boost employability and develop professional skills among their students as part of their careers development programme. Their students also benefit from the state-of-the-art Sutherland School of Law building which opened in 2013 while enjoying extensive opportunities to study abroad at some of the leading law schools in Europe, North America and Asia contributing to the development of truly global lawyers

The Sutherland School of Law was the first University Law School in Ireland accredited by the Bar Council of India.

For more, please visit their website.