The Summer ELSA Law School Dublin on Corporate and Finance Law was established in 2015 and continues to grow year on year. We are delighted to have Eversheds Sutherland and Trinity College Dublin Law School as our Partners for the event who assist us in continually developing this project. SELS Dublin 2019 received over 350 applications for only 50 places, retaining its position as the most popular ELSA Law School across the entire network. It attracted students from 22 different Nations across Europe and beyond, including Russia, Belarus, Australia, Brazil, Turkey, and Mongolia. Due to the high level of interest expressed from our ELSA Ireland members we will be offering a limited number of Irish students the opportunity to attend all future SELS projects. 


As an example of the types of law student who attend: in 2019 50% of the attendees were undergraduate students, 35% were LLM students and LLB graduates, and the remaining 15% consisted of LLM graduates and PhD candidates. 84% of the participants were EU citizens. The remaining students came from the following states: Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Colombia, Mongolia, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine.


SELS Dublin 2019 lasted 7 days with 5 days consisting of lectures. The topics covered included:

  • Aviation and Transport Finance,
  • the European Banking Union,
  • Brexit's Impact on Insolvency,
  • the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Governance of Companies,
  • Investment Funds,
  • Carbon Trading,
  • White Collar Crime and Fraud,
  • Competition Law,
  • Organisational Culture,
  • Tax and International Business,
  • Banking and Finance Law,
  • the GDPR’s Application to the Funds Industry.


But while the academic programme is at the heart of the SELS, it provides other opportunities for personal development. Following ELSA’s mission statement of a just world in which there is respect for human dignity and cultural diversity, students are treated to cultural and social events, showcasing Ireland as a destination for the leading lawyers of tomorrow.


The goals of the event are two-fold. Firstly, to help develop the skills of the next generation of lawyers, and secondly to promote Ireland as a destination for those most skilled lawyers of tomorrow seeking an open and internationally minded society. The ELSA Ireland network is devoted to improving the legal education of law students and preparing its members for professional life in an international environment. ELSA Ireland hopes to continue to create new opportunities for students to develop their skills. Thus, allowing them to enter the Irish legal sector with a stronger, more diverse skill set.


You can find more information about ELSA Law Schools here.